The five-place DGA-15P is powered by a 450 horsepower P&W Wasp Junior engine.
Aircraft Specification for Type Certificate No. A-717  Rev. 7 


US Navy GH-1, photo courtesy Les Sargent.DGA-15 Panel, photo  courtesy Les Sargent.








                                                                                                                                                        View of the DGA-15 instrument panel.

Air Ambulance "Nightingale"







"Nightingale" was the nickname for the Navy version of the Howard civilian model 15P.  Note the rearward folding utility door for stretcher access.

Nightingale, 1946 Flying, photo courtesy Les Sargent.      






   Take a look at this 1946 advertisement!

Brian and Debbie Longwill's Howard GH-1. Photo courtesy the Longwill's.

Brian and Debbie Longwill's Howard GH-1.


   DGA-15 Brochure
DGA-15 information from the 1939-40 Aircrafter Brochure, above and below:

DGA-15 Brochure Specifications

And, would you believe...a Howard with a nose wheel?!
The article below is from the Antique Airplane Association News, February 1961:
Tricycle Howard

Aerial view of DGA-15P--the way they're supposed to look, without that draggy nose wheel!

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