DGA-18 "Trainer"

 The DGA-18, according to aviation historian and author Joseph Juptner,  "was a low-winged cantilever monoplane with open cockpits for 2 in tandem. As a dual-purpose trainer for the expanded CPTP program, it offered strength and utility to handle the various phases, and it was offered with a choice of 3 different engines.  [125 horsepower Warner 'Scarab,' 145 horsepower Warner 'Super Scarab,' or the 160 horsepower Kinner R5]"

Aircraft Specification for Type Certificate No. 739  Rev. 2


DGA 125 Trainer   DGA 125 Trainer

DGA-18K, view of open cockpits. Photo courtesy Sparky Sargent.       DGA-18K, photo courtesy Sparky Sargent.
View of DGA-18K's tandem cockpits.

DGA-18K, photo courtesy Sparky Sargent.
DGA-18K at Arkansas Air Museum.


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