DGA-6 "Mr. Mulligan"

The DGA-6, nicknamed "Mr. Mulligan," is a one-of-a-kind Howard design, influenced by the Monocoupe. It won both the Bendix  (speed of 238.704 mph) and Thompson (speed of 220.194 mph) Trophies at the 1935 National Air Races at the Cleveland Municipal Airport in Ohio.   



Ben Howard and Mulligan, photo courtesy Howard Bole

Photo of Younkin's Mulligan replica by Dennis Lyons, Blakesburg - 2009 Fly-in

Photo above of Younkin's Mulligan replica by Dennis Lyons, Blakesburg - 2009 Fly-in

Photos by Jim Koepnick      Photo by Jim Koepnick      Photo by Jim Koepnick
Howard Club Member John Turgyan flying the "Mulligan" replica. (Photos by Jim Koepnick).  

Howard - Mulligan Ad - Courtesy Les Sargent

Mister Mulligan by Peter Bowers   Mister Mulligan by Peter Bowers       
These photos are from Peter Bowers and show Mister Mulligan under construction.


Mr. Mulligan and Ben Howard center. Photo courtesy Les Sargent.    Mr. Mulligan                                   
Joe Jacobson, Benny Howard, and Harold Neumann in 1935.


Replica "Mr. Mulligan" and the Mystery Ship in formation.   Replica's Interior   Replica "Mr. Mulligan"
Jim Younkin's replica of "Mr. Mulligan" (which can be seen at the Arkansas Air Museum) and his Mystery Ship.


Mike Howard with Mr. Mulligan. Photo courtesy John Turgyan.
Mike Howard with "Mr. Mulligan."






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