Aircraft Specification for Type Certificate No. 612   Rev. 3  

DGA-8 Listing by Serial Number


Howard Aircraft Corporation 1938 Brochure (DGA-8, DGA-9, DGA-11) [requires Adobe Reader]


Howard Brochure, courtesy Les Sargent.

The above is from a Howard brochure, the text below is from an Aero Digest 1937 ad for the DGA-8:

Aero Digest 1937 DGA-8 Ad, courtesy Les Sargent.


   DGA-8, photo courtesy Les Sargent.

Pure Oil Company's DGA-8, photo courtesy Les Sargent.
The Pure Oil Company's 1936 DGA-8, which is currently being restored by Howard Club member Les Sargent.



DGA-8, photo courtesy Les Sargent.                                   DGA-8                                                                

Popular Aviation DGA-8, courtesy Les Sargent.
DGA-8 on Popular Aviation Cover  

DGA-8 Panel, courtesy Les Sargent.   DGA-8 Panel   

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